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Rob Stiphout Art
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I was born and raised in Haarlem in the Netherlands and was always fascinated by the human mind, its resilience, healing and resolving power. Eventually this fascination became my motivation to create art. Einstein once said ‘we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them’. In working with watermedia you have to think out of the box to create solutions. It is not the knowledge but the creative experience that expands our horizons.

My work is not only inspired by groundbreaking artists like Nicholas Simmons, Hans Richter, Francis Bacon, Vincent van Gogh but also traditional painters like Frans Hals and of course, as last but not least, Rembrandt van Rijn.
A lot of my paintings are based on a story I wrote, the Tale of Paradise.
This tale is a story about the subtle shift from One-ness into two-ness, the underlying principle of the creation of time and as a result, individuality. It tells the story about the never ending search of 'Who am I' and the answer 'I am this'. The tension between those two culminate in the present moment or the now, perceived by the individual as a fragment of eternity.

My quest as an artist is to move and involve the viewer in my experience that is why I consider myself a storyteller not a portraitist.
The website only shows a small selection of my paintings. If you want to purchase an original please use the Contact page to inform about availability and pricing, if you want to read the tale of paradise you can do that here

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